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Happy New Year 2019 Mount Airy Neighbors hand drawn postcard

Why I Love My Neighborhood

Do you ever catch yourself complaining about everything around you? Then there’s suddenly a moment or two (or several) where you realize that you don’t have it so bad? Well… no matter how antsy I’ve been feeling about needing a change in my life, I pass by the Little Free Libraries dotted around my neighborhood and feel good about where I’ve been hanging out for the past four years.

As I’ve been developing my personal website, I knew that I had to give back in some way – regardless of how little it seemed – to the local community of West Mount Airy in Philadelphia. So I made several Happy New Year postcards with a digital collage and poem on one side and a handwritten greeting on the other; these were placed in a few of the libraries as well as mailed to friends, family, etc.

The bottom line I keep being reminded of: the more I give in whatever way I can, the faster I grow and heal with a renewed zest for life to keep on this track.

Now that I’ve finished my first book, my plan is to distribute several of them in these Little Free Libraries and to document this mini project. This inspiration resulted from finding a hand-knit heart on a walk in the Wissahickon Valley Park; it was part of the Peyton Heart Project promoting social connection and well-being for teens with depression.

Nancy's book and postcard at the West Mount Airy Little Free Library