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The Basics

Twenty-Two to Secure a Bridge

Forced to act urgently when a formidable storm hits home,
Survivors pause in awe during the incredible aftermath.
Damage done, rage gone, a hushed humility remains.
How lethal the pressure cooker if we fail to heed it;
A boon if we stop, listen, realign and get back up.
Our journey is arduous when agitated, frustrated, idle.
Our journey is arduous when calm, pleased, meaningful.
Despite the unbiased pain, we direct our efforts like a pro:
Guided by integrity, of conscious thoughts and speech,
Purely altruistic intentions and responsible conduct.
A compassionate chief crafts songs of harmony and love,
Cooperates with people, is pragmatic and methodical,
Indubitably trusts its’ instincts to take a gallant risk
And has meticulous execution of an ingenious plan
So that its’ greatest aspiration becomes a reality.
With innovative acuity and unlimited potential,
This disciplined dynamo has a sensitive touch –
Capable hands of an adept and its’ crew can erect
A stable water crossing that our world needs most.
We honor the potent mind of a master architect.


digital image, Illustrator


original: 613 x 793 px