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Collage Trio 9

The Golden Hoop Rises

Once a month, on the eve of the new moon,
The golden hoop rises to the outer world
As a reminder to set your new intentions.
Then it drops back down to the inner world
To be forgotten until the next rising cycle.
All pine for the shiny hoop high in the sky.
In the depths of the sea, no one has a clue.

The Golden Hoop Drops

Once a month, at the end of the new moon,
The golden hoop drops to the inner world
To meditate on the din of the outer world.
Its’ glow attracts all eyes to the sky.
But at the sea floor, its’ rhythmic pulse
Attracts all hearts to connect with
The love vibration that unites us as one.


colored paper, decorative paper, Photoshop



Cut & Paste