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Collage Trio 8

The Boat Came First

I wanna boat-a big boat.
I wanna live on the boat.
How ’bout a house boat?
I wanna house-a big house.
It’s gotta have a mown lawn.
How ‘bout a lawn boy or two?
Ohhh, waaait!
I forgotta pool-a big pool.
It’s gotta have a deck, too.
Ohhh, ggreat!
Meet my new neighbors
Who now everyone favors.
They have a teensy house,
A wild pollinator garden,
No lawn boy, no pool boy,
And no boat to blame.

The Neighbors Came Second

We built a teensy house.
We built a wild garden.
How ’bout some children?
We created two little boys.
We created two little girls.
How ’bout some tree forts?
Ohhh, waaait!
We forgotta dog-n-a-cat.
We gotta have at least four.
Ohhh, ggreat!
Meet my old neighbors
Who now everyone favors.
They have a big lawny house,
A decked pool, and a big boat
For all of us to share and play!


colored paper, Photoshop



Cut & Paste