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The Basics

Scintillating Fives

An explorer of the universe, you collaborate with Civilization
through direct experience – so much so, you’d be first in line
to travel time to hang with the glory and power of Christ.
A fact-finder studying geology to astronomy to theosophy,
You find it burdensome to choose a career after college;
But it’s easy to play the professional rolling stone.
Far from prudish, you win the admiration from all walks of life.
You may even get married on a whim to change your mind later.
Truth is, you’re pregnant with curiosity and wed to adventure.
Diversity of environment is your desired playground where
You never condemn or despise the weird or revolting or wretched;
They’ve intrigue, yet you may have to run from a dangerous psycho!
Finally, you’re forced to investigate the lessons of untold events,
Inevitably entering a dark period of ignorance and pessimism
As you come “home” full circle delving within to settle down.
No matter… you will lead an intrepid life indeed
With the promise of a delightful existence as – long – as
You take prudence in your actions through disciplined freedom.


digital image, Illustrator


original: 613 x 793 px