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You Know Who You Are #649
Jaxen Heo's custom collage with palm trees, pizza, books, ball cap, horns, starfish and medal Jaxen Heo with palm trees, pizza, books, ball cap, horns, starfish, medal, basketball net, track field, hot dog, Virgo, kids

Resilience Beats Frustration

An ardent people fan
Humor binds me to them
A part-time Hawaiian islander
Keeps me grounded, down-to-earth
Don’t wanna be caught in long-sleeves
Unless it’s an electric shade of green
It’s one of my quirky pet-peeves
This is how I wanna be seen
I’ll play a rhythm and dance to it
It’s a sure-fire elixir if I get too rigid
Perfectionism beyond correct spelling
Like a mad dash in a race to win 1st place
Help me slow down to see the bigger picture
To enjoy this moment regardless of outcome
With my family and closest friends who
Love me as I am – pure innocence
May I comfort and counsel you –
Observant eyes and absorbent ears
The studious, analytical me is serious
Serving others with my honesty and trust
I must be open to others helping me, too
With an oh-so-tireless list of achievable tasks
Focused on my goals and leading others –
Strong, confident, capable, unique
But for now, I must know the value of order
In order for me to want to tidy my room
And once I can feel the value of health
I’ll clean up my diet – and the seas

Main Archetype

The Hero

Eastern Zodiac Sign


Western Zodiac Sign


Primal Zodiac Sign

sea star

Life Path #



digital image, Photoshop


original: 1000 x 1000 px