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The Basics

Nine Has Conscience for All

Incredible talent and a mad pursuit to satisfy my goals
Can end in stardom or catastrophe unless I focus on others.
I seek public attention, and Charisma makes me popular;
But money or fame is never a motive – only to do good.
I lead by example without trying – others naturally follow;
Persuasion will befriend them like an honest politician
As I stand to fortify the world with no eye on any prize.
This sacrificial journey is for global transformation.
There’s no limit to my improvisation with life
As long as sweet Venus guides my performance.
Thus, I receive inspiration from the breath of a diva,
To the last dance before surrendering to a cool, fall night.
My restless search for a wise and prosperous marriage
Between a gentle tolerance and quiet compassion
Says there’s no such thing as a mediocre sun;
I am whole as a selfless humanitarian.


digital image, Illustrator


original: 613 x 793 px