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The Basics

Is Thirty-Three a Blessing?

Thought I was born broken – helpless and selfish
With a shrill, unpleasant voice spewing untruths.
I enslave myself – too sensitive of outside energies,
Playing the martyr in my codependent relationships.
Critical, controlling and meddlesome in others’ affairs,
I don’t have room to enable such behavior anymore.
Hopefully you’ll discover, with patience and trust,
A diamond in the rough. Give me ample time to grow
Like a delicate silkworm spinning a protective cocoon
until it’s ready to be visible; I need to be encouraged
Instead of being boiled alive. Use my silk for a pillow,
Relax as you watch me fly securely on my own.
Dear friends and family, please hear me out –
I’m a sponge and a mirror to whomever I meet;
So I can feel you deeply and know what you need,
And I may even mimic your behaviour back to you.
No longer only me, together we see what can truly be,
To serve the greater whole with more clarity.
Don’t call me a saviour for guiding people,
But do announce my name if you’ve no one else
To turn; I promise to be peaceful, gentle and kind.
Uplifting the oppressed by rooting for the underdog,
Angelic service is revealed for deeply wounded souls.
All are welcome inward without burden or torment.
You desire romance of the highest mystical vibration,
A beauty that radiates in concert with a selfless opus.
Believe in me – this home – to comfort, protect, forgive,
And to help on your behalf without expecting any award.
This dynamic, dramatic world is accepted and nurtured
By an accessible, unpretentious master teacher.


digital image, Illustrator


original: 613 x 793 px