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The Basics

Enlightenment of Eleven

The splendid light guides us through the dark forest,
Our authentic prayer answered by this ethereal presence,
Like a mysterious friend in the form of subtle wisdom.
We delight in the generosity of this phenomenon.
An admirable parent, preacher or political authority,
Its’ ultimate purpose is healing the human race at large
With an irrepressible creative force fueled by Intuition.
High energy, overwork and too many tasks keep it going.
Heavenly melodies help it to soar however it pleases,
A grandiose sense of freedom its’ incentive to fly.
Enduring all the highs and lows in this good fashion
Allows any wounded chip to simply roll off its’ shoulder.
Hiding behind the scenes in horror of being exposed,
Yet thrust in the spotlight as the bestest braggart ever,
Duality will frustrate; it must act upon a higher vibration
To halt insecurity from flooding its’ bundle of nerves.
Acutely sensitive, it must shield itself from criticism.
This emotional eccentric has an auspicious moon when it
Trusts in beloved faith and doesn’t linger too long with logic.
Rays of immortal truths come from a steady, inner hearth.
A psychic with visceral insight from anima will rejoice –
Practical use of its’ power channeled into an art form.
A sparkling sensation on stage activating our hearts,
We laud the spiritual messenger – a master illuminator.


digital image, Illustrator


original: 613 x 793 px