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Collage Squared 1

Climbing Up

This tightly woven path seems sturdy and pleasant enough to the touch
As it sways with my shifting weight – each grip and footing placed with attention.
I’m determined to reach my chosen destination no matter how difficult it proves to be.
Climbing up requires focus on what’s happening now – not on what was or what should be.
At the top entering into a wholesome whiteness, I immediately question it all over again;
What’s it mean to feel the accomplishment fading fast only to face my next challenge?
A constant struggle, this mumbling mantra, that I can do it despite how foolish I appear.
I anxiously exit the swinging door repeating that I’m not too little, and it’s not too late.

Climbing Down

On this confident day, I descend with breezy agility and my whole being is light with joy;
but usually I’m too preoccupied trying to remain calm and convincing myself that I’m OK.
That thumping of the heart is both fear and excitement requiring a consistent feeding;
Without it, I feel like a trodden lump who needs to be fluffed and aerated back to life.
Climbing down to rejoin the others who work hard in such a dense-moving atmosphere,
I can’t help but wonder at the fuss we create and how much we hustle to do it.
Do what? To be of worth helping one another make it through each moment
And not wasting time as we take the vulnerable path toward love.


colored paper, printed material, Photoshop



Cut & Paste