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Dream Montage #65

Aloof, Unstirred.

The most excruciating agony rising up from my gut;
A tall, angular, young woman lying nonchalantly in bed.
Part instinct, part frenzy, I jerk back the bulging covers
To see him burrowed deep: aloof, unstirred.
His sole response, “Ya know, you won’t get any of the will.”
A cynical equivalence to slamming a door in my face.
Yet, I couldn’t resist my desperation to seize him,
Tugging in vain a rubbery, dead, lead weight.
I slide numbly and mindlessly in the back seat of a car
With an old friend reclining nonchalantly next to me.
A young man with butterscotch dreads is steering
This desultory ride, and all is calm and silent.
A black jaguar with lime lit eyes darts across the road.
“D’ya see that?!” I whisper excitedly, but neither catch sight.
In the corner of my left eye, I spot the same sleek, velvety coat
Magically crouched in the rear window just behind my head.
In another split second, it gracefully steps over my left shoulder,
Out the window and onto the hood as the car continues to cruise.
It sits tall, frozen in broad daylight and remains invisible to them.
A powerful, penetrating gaze is directed at me: aloof, unstirred.


digital image, Photoshop


original: 1000 x 1000 px