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You Know Who You Are #877
David Cool's custom collage with tiger, star, sacred geometry, water bearer, sky, sound studio, modular synthesizer, ocean David Cool with tigers, panthers, Aquarius, galaxies, beach, mountain, modular synthesizer, sound studio, sacred geometry

Alchemy From the Deep Void

After restlessly roaming on my weary feet,
I settle into a focused groove with clear intention,
Capturing an alluring essence and going deeper.
Usually bold and bright and seeking new light,
This spirited explorer chooses to re-enter the womb.
From the darkness emerges an elusive panther;
Its silent presence piques my immediate attention.
Awaiting, the Unknown beckons like a long lost lover.
I skillfully channel a boundless passion for creation,
Navigating my own eccentric way to the Divine.
My senses are attuned to this very moment –
Delicate patterns emitting nuanced frequencies,
A sweet, metallic scent wafting through space,
The soft caress of fresh, formless waves.
All are merged as one, hovering –
With a heightened view of earthly transitions,
With a calm mastery in stellar chaos.

Main Archetype

The Visionary

Eastern Zodiac Sign


Western Zodiac Sign


Primal Zodiac Sign


Life Path #



digital image, Photoshop


original: 1000 x 1000 px