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Old But New

Most of these reworked images originate from A Little Black Book and A Little Yellow Book of quick sketches made from the early 2000s. Below is a hodgepodge of photographs, ink drawings, some Cray-Pas colorings, a little watercolor, a painting and a touch of cut paper assemblage. Once scanned into my computer, they became digital collages and photomontages with the help of Photoshop. This series has been a great practice in manipulating my existing art even further to see where it takes me.

The Fleet of Frenzy

questioning my soul

different but same


message from the inside

who am I to say?

take a look

wizard dimensions

when we socialize

taking risks

dare to cross

one love, love one

we suffer

in flow

sea velvet

thriving to survive

most fortunate

tenuous relations


toilet geometry

bedside haikus

suburban homes

where are you going today?