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Numerology is a systematic study of numbers that symbolically relate their significance to each of our lives. Esoteric by nature, it reveals great insight into our unique Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, Birth Day and Personality which form the 5 core most influential numbers calculated in our charts. One’s birthdate and full birth name are converted into numerical values which provide a blueprint of probabilities regarding our strengths, weaknesses, purpose in life, etc. Calculating the math is the easy part; it’s in the interpretation that can get very deep and tricky. Unless you know the intricacies of numbers, where they are placed in one’s chart and how they affect one another, many people may toss the power of Numerology as another form of shallow New Age hoax. As I studied my own chart and other people’s charts, I was amazed by its’ accuracy and now use it as a guide to provide a greater understanding of my life’s choices.

The Zero Game

Dedicated to Every One

A Speech for Two

The Sociable Three

Four Fundamentals

Scintillating Fives

Compatible Sixes

The Prophecy of Seven

An Eight CAN Do

Nine Has Conscience for All

Enlightenment of Eleven

Twenty-Two to Secure a Bridge

Is Thirty-Three a Blessing?