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My obsession with solving problems and puzzles spawned this Magnetic series of nonsensical word groupings from my old Magnetic Poetry magnets. They had been scattered on my fridge nearly forgotten (unless a warped one fell off accidentally). During a cleaning binge one long, dark winter with lots of snow, I resolved to unclutter the fridge door and to help inspire myself to write on a daily basis. It was also refreshing to break away from my laptop to explore something off screen. After my first set of random poems, I came up with a new goal: to use every single magnet in however many poems it took to satisfy me. Once complete (and sick of sitting in a contorted position in my cramped kitchen), I had another goal that arose: to create digital artwork that depict my bizarre poems. I wanted to provide mysterious visuals for readers to eagerly grasp. The limiting challenge was 1 day per image, 3 days max.

a wistful guilt

don’t get too comfortable

advice for birds

she is the one

a slice of slavery

how does it feel?

hold onto nothing

a dreamy obsession

our natural bodies

what is true?

agony of shedding

a matin passing

growing tips

pinpoint focus


we must find her


born of you


holding tight



this could be you

when women were away

work at these games

necessary play

indelible resolve

beneath all acts

cover me blind

path of sanctimony?

of vulnerability

top wanted man

say what good grass is like

you cut from the circle yesterday

at rest

choose to be


a settle into calm

forced to start over

entangled by soft whispers

keen and rakish

momentary gratitude

disguised inebriation

observing our nature