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I’ve been studying the works of Caroline Myss, a renowned author, speaker and medical intuitive. She states that archetypes “communicate characteristics of power and behavioral patterns that everyone immediately recognizes as having basically the same profile.” This ongoing series of collages and poems are based on real people who are “masked” and identified via their dominant archetypes as well as their Primal Zodiac Signs (created by Simon Poindexter) combining western and eastern astrology. I may also rely on basic numerology or spirit animals to get a better understanding of someone.

closeup of Jaxen Heo's custom collage with palm tree, books, ball cap and horn

Resilience Beats Frustration

closeup of In Bong Kam's custom collage with glitter scale, heart, marmot, blue hydrangea, clouds in sky

An Artful Balance

closeup of Charles Heo's custom collage with yellow curtain, black hole, galaxy, horns, sunglasses

A Pundit On Stage

closeup of David Cool's custom collage with tiger, star, sacred geometry, water bearer, sky

Alchemy From the Deep Void

My Alternate is Fed Up