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The Report


by Nancy Kam

– A numerology profile created personally for you
– Text by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, master numerologist & MIT graduate
– Software by Larry Malakoff, president of Widening Horizons, Inc.
– A clear & simple layout with a unique visual style
– Choice of two colors: white or black version

Depending on what device you’re viewing this page, hover/click on & off to see the 2 versions.

This report is for you if you…

– love to learn about yourself
– need to find your purpose in life
– are on a spiritual path of awakening
– have to buy a special gift for someone
– want to support a far-out, independent artist


For $21.99, a downloadable PDF includes:

– Life Path, Birth Day, Expression, Soul Urge & Personality #s analyzed
– A brief introduction, easy calculations & a final review
– 2 photos of you adds a nice touch
– BONUS: Maturity number analyzed
– 34 full-color pages

Pay-as-you-wish for those folks who can’t pay full price.

All you need to provide is:
– Your date of birth
– Current name you go by now
– Full name written on official birth certificate
– At least 2 clear photos of yourself (higher resolution)
– Choice of black or white version

Any personal information that you share will be strictly confidential.


Sample Pages



Contact Nancy via email to purchase a personalized numerology report.
Also, be sure to read the testimonials below.

I love Nancy's numerology reports! They are concise, informative, and filled with pertinent information about me. Nancy's artwork permeates the report and while reading it you're also looking at colorful, inspiring, and inventive graphic designs. I'm ordering three more for my family members!
– Colleen Joy

Artist & Art Educator at Colleen Joy, Philadelphia, PA

Liza Masalimova Cunningham
We really enjoyed reading the reports, and they were very insightful! The designs with the numbers are beautiful, and I really like the flow of the whole report.
– Liza Masalimova

Co-founder & Director at Orchard Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA

Amanda Baxter Martin
I am so happy with the report that I got one immediately for my husband as a gift and then later bought 10 more for Christmas gifts. Clarity, peace, power... what more would I want for myself and those I love?
– Amanda Baxter Martin

Owner & Artist at Moonbaby Originals, Souderton, PA