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Numerology calculations for 2018 universal and personal vibrations with Nancy's birthdate

How to Interpret Our Vibrations for a Day

Here’s an example of how I interpreted the universal and personal numerology vibrations affecting me for December 31, 2018:
The intense energy of the Master Number 11 Universal Year with a 2 foundation was over in a blink. It forced me to wake up and make uncomfortable changes in my life, take more risk albeit baby steps, accept the consequences of my current situation without dwelling but taking little actions in a positive direction, and to cooperate with others by giving and receiving help.
December with a Universal Month of 5 was a taste of how my next year will be – full of motion, change, sudden happenings, travel and splurging in the senses. The holidays with people on winter break and dying to de-stress from a tough year certainly added to this freedom-loving energy.
The 31st of December 2018 was a 9 Universal Day which means a closing of a cycle as well as sharing kindness and compassion with others. My partner and I decided last minute to throw a small New Year’s Eve party, and it felt really nice to give something back to friends at the end of 2018.
The 11 year (2018), 5 month (December) and 9 day (31 December 2018) were universal vibrations felt by all of us together on this planet.
My Personal Year of 22 was a Master Number that I felt on top of the Master Number 11 Universal Year. Two highly energetic numbers working on me for a whole year meant massive breakthroughs in both my inner and outer worlds. Spiritual insights gained with practical reality in my face reminded me of how short my time here on Earth is and not to delay what I need to accomplish in this life. 22 breaks down to the foundational 4 which is all about hard work, persistence and patience, but the 22’s power in manifesting things helped me to self-publish my first book that I talked about for years but never did till now.
December was a 7 Personal Month for me along with the 5 Universal Month we were all feeling. The 7 conflicted with the 5 energy of going out to meet people socially versus staying home isolated to work intently on my private studies with uninterrupted contemplation. Suffice it to say that I bounced between being out-n-about while I squeezed in some precious alone time.
Finally, my 11 Personal Day on 31 December 2018 was yet another Master Number influencing me majorly for that whole day. I was on a roll with cleaning my place, preparing food for the party, etc. and I was full of energy! Again, being with friends and creating an inviting space really made me feel good; it was a very healing experience.
The 22 year (2018), 7 month (December) and 11 day (31 December 2018) were personal vibrations felt by my partner and I (since our birth day and birth year both add up to the same number) along with the universal energies.