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Buddha beeswax candle photomontage with black lace

Buddha Saves Face On New Year’s

This Buddha head candle was brand new when we lit it for New Year’s Eve 2018. The whole left side of its head was missing by 2am which had oozed toward the outer edge of the plate. Luckily, the front of his face was left in tact and still serene despite melting his brains out all night.
When’s the last time you kept calm on the outside but was suffering from fire on the inside?
According to the Dictionary on my Mac, the term “saving face” means to “retain respect; avoid humiliation.” That’s exactly what happened to me, but I’m still so embarrassed about the situation that I can’t even discuss it here on this post… maybe as more time passes, I’ll be able to reveal what happened – maybe…
Buddha beeswax candle photomontage with Asian divider